Day 16/100, Craft Curating

Is it possible to be a minimalist quilter? I mean having only the essentials for the craft, not a minimalist aesthetic in quilt design.

I’m not there. I certainly feel better about my space now. I have only the essentials on my sewing machine table and on my cutting table.

Day Sixteen 4-18-18 craft curating

Craft Curating

BUT, my craft closet is not minimalist. And, I have four Sew Together Bags in the living room for hand quilting!

The journey continues.

One thought on “Day 16/100, Craft Curating

  1. Ann says:

    LOL! I am a sucker for tools, especially if they make life easier. I especially love your Sew Together bags . . . you need for every hand project they are so handy!


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