Day 15/100, The Parts Department

Should I sort scraps by color or size? In Sunday Morning Quilts, the authors suggest sorting scraps by color. The book has a pattern for making scrap bins for each color. Yet, the pattern, Scrapper’s Delight requires you to sort strips by size to make the quilt. I made the scrap bins and Scrapper’s Delight.

After years of throwing medium-to-small print scraps into the color-designated bins, I’m rethinking how I deal with scraps.

You saw me yesterday going through my other piles– some were sorted by size such as long strips of prints. I love solids, but I didn’t have bins for those. They were in one pile underneath my cutting table.

What did I do? I threw all of my scrap piles into one large bag I made. I labeled it, The Parts Department. That is not an original idea. I learned it from my Liberated Quilters group.

Day Fifteen 4-17-18 parts department

The Parts Department

I’m going to leave it that way for now. Some day I will decide what to do. I’m working on a quilt for this year’s Central Virginia MQG design challenge, and I’m not using scraps. So, yes, I can Think About It Tomorrow or next year.

2 thoughts on “Day 15/100, The Parts Department

  1. Susie Rikard says:

    Your tiny scrap quilts are gorgeous! A good reason to keep those small scraps. But if it were me (who has little patience), I’d stuff cat beds. Chuckle.


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