Day 53: Maggie L. Walker

No quilt photography today. I spent this morning at the Black History Museum in Richmond, Virginia, with my daughter. We viewed the exhibit, Yesterday’s Stories, Today’s Inspiration. There was a photograph of Maggie Lena Walker along with many other wonderful portraits. Walker was the first woman president of any race to charter a bank in the United States.

After our tour, we walked down to the corner of North Adams and West Broad Street where there is a statute of her. Those tassels on her dress caught my eye. From this angle she is a towering figure, and rightly so.

Day 50: Silence

I took a long break from the 100 Day Project. The Pause for Thought was much more work than I was expecting. I did a few of the exercises but I was mostly lazy.

I have been doing some sewing and quilting.

Today I got a massage — after a doctor appointment and a dental appointment. During the massage the electricity went off. The massage continued with no music in the background. I noticed how quiet it was. Even during a massage, there is noise from the air conditioning, etc. This experience is supposed to be relaxing and it always is. Today I realized that it is hard to be silent and for it to be silent.

This whirl of machinery must affect us. I’m going to think on that for the 50th Day of this project.