Photo taken at my family home in the mountains. I like how you can see the snow falling.                                                                   (photo: Nora Davis)

I GREW UP in the mountains of Southwest Virginia where I was exposed to delicious country cooking and lived in a coal mining community. My father was a coal miner and my mother was a hairdresser. She was also an amazing seamstress. She taught me to sew.

MY JOURNEY into quilting began when my mother became disabled with breast cancer and I was home with her. She had just purchased a new sewing machine, a Bernina 1630. She was starting to make more quilts, and while I was struggling with her pending death, I made a traditional quilt: Bow Ties. That’s probably why I like y-seams! Years later I donated the quilt to charity.

My First Quilt

I took a break from quilting for many years (went to law school, started a legal career).

When I moved to the Central Virginia region, I found a wonderful quilt shop, Jo Jo’s Quilt Shop, and took classes which improved my quilting expertise. (They’re closed now)

In 2014 I discovered modern and liberating quilting through another local quilt shop, Quilting Adventures. I also joined a liberating quilting group at yet another local quilt shop, Blue Crab Quilt Co. (they’re closed now too). I have written about this transition ever since, and I am fully engaged in the modern quilt movement.

DESIGNING MY OWN QUILTS soon became my passion. The more I design them the better I get. I have had eight quilts exhibited at QuiltCon. One of them, Mod Drunk, was part of the QuiltCon Traveling Exhibit.

QUILT BLOGGING started in late 2013. I like interacting with the online community. I love creating my blog posts: the photographs, the text, all of it. I designed the logo for this blog using InDesign. I made modern looking dogwood flowers — a prevalent tree in the mountains.

I’m so glad you found me.

Let’s Sew Together,


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