Day 61: Small Steps

On Friday I had a great day with Chawne Kimber for her Small Piecing class, hosted by the Colonial Piecemakers.

After about five hours I had made a 4-inch Pineapple block.

Sewing small pieces of fabric together is meditative. It reminds me of hand quilting. The process is more time consuming than machine quilting, but if you do it regularly you can produce a finished product– eventually.

My husband and I started an exercise program called Couch Potato to 5K this past week. It’s a phone app. The app starts with a warm up, followed by one-minute runs and one-and-half minute walks. Today was the second day and we run/walked for 1.46 miles. During our “training” this morning, I commented that “little by little” we would reach our goal — just like quilting.

To document my progress, I made a small block representing how far I’d gone today– 1.46 miles. I rounded up, so there are 5 peach strips after the dot (in red)

I need to make one for Week 1, Day 1 which was 1.19 miles.