The 100-Day Project

The 100-Day Project is an Instagram series. I’m participating this year. It’s a creative exercise. Many folks post sketches or paintings. I’ve seen quilt designers posting quilt   designs.

I thought it was a good idea, but I was anxious about committing to creativity every day for three months. Instead I committed to working on my works in progress.

I’m going to hand quilt my Collection quilt and finish a baby quilt.

My name on Instagram is @wandaslifesampler. My hashtag for the project is #100DaysofCreativeProcrastinating.

See you on Instagram,



Dressing for QuiltCon in Savannah

It’s got to be comfortable and stylish. For the flight down. (1) shoes I can remove and put on easily; (2) layers for change in temperatures (3) ease of movement.

I enlisted Stitch Fix to help me for the entire convention. They sent: a maxi dress, jeans, kimono, short-sleeved shirt and knit shirt.

The jeans were skinny and uncomfortable. The kimono was itchy (100% polyester) The short sleeved shirt had two fabrics together which I don’t like. The print on the maxi created a white stripe across my ass. I loved the colors of all the items but comfort is paramount. The knit shirt was a nice color of green and soft so I kept that.



That means I will have to shop in my closet.



short sleeve shirt

kimono like something


The dress, blue/white shirt and green sweater, plus the new green knit, are from previous Stitch Fixes. Add some t-shirts and accessories. Sweatpants. Done.

See you in Savannah,





Sew Together Bag in Alison Glass

Many folks have made the Sew Together Bag. I’ve made one and yesterday I made another using Alison Glass fabric, handcrafted indigo. I was inspired by Quilting JetGirl’s Alison Glass Challenge to use Alison’s fabric in a project.

Even though I had made this bag before, it took me a little while to understand how to make the side pieces.

The “pattern piece” at the end of the pattern is easier to understand as a template and should be cut like this:

You’ll cut 4 in total with 2 interfacing pieces.

Then you add the inside with zippers and pockets. That part is fairly easy to understand from the pattern. The final stitching to make the pockets is more difficult.

Once you draw the line for the stitching, the inside looks like this:



Once you get those first template pieces sewn together, you attach them to each side of the inside. Then you stitch the side panels to inside.



When attaching the template pieces to each pocket, make sure all the layers get stitched down flat with the zip zag stitch. It makes adding the binding so much easier.

Another place where you might have trouble is attaching the 18″ zipper to the top, which holds the whole thing together. Here’s how it works:

Zipper up– the first layer.

Binding on top.

Fold over the binding and stitch down.


The other side is done the same way with the Zipper Up.


The rest is easy. Just go slowly when stitching down the zippers to the bottom side of the bag.


Making Plans

I see all the posts about plans for 2017. I’m feeling pressured to get my act together. I’m pretty good at keeping track of appointments and reminders for things I’m supposed to do, but I don’t have a list of possible blog posts or ideas for what I think I should explore in 2017.

That’s why I like taking classes and why I loved the Savor Each Stitch Book Bee.  They make plans easier when there is a deadline.

I have two quilts to finish from the Book Bee so that’s where I’m going to start. I’m hand quilting the quilt from the Emphasis chapter; it’s about a quarter done. The Texture quilt has been deconstructed. That is more than enough for 2017.

It might be nice to take a break from designing and concentrate on these two projects from 2016.