CVA MQG crayon color challenge

The Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild crayon color challenge was so much fun.

We pulled three crayons (they were Crayola) from a bag. We were tasked with using those three colors in a quilt. We could add any other colors we wanted. The reveal is scheduled for March 1. Read the entire post for why I won’t have this quilt for the reveal. Sorry, CVA MQG. šŸ˜¦

I got Plum, Blue Green and Green Yellow.

crayola crayons plum blue green green yellow

I wanted to use these colors in a big way. I purchasedĀ yardage of each color: Michael Miller Cirtus, Kona Lagoon and Kona Berry from Quilting Adventures. I sketched and colored what I wanted to do:

crayon challenge sketch

IĀ  wrote on the sketch, “hotel art” because it looked like something you’d see in a hotel lobby. I ultimately called the quilt, Lakeside Avenue, the location of our guild meetings.

I had some Kona Tomato and added a little bit of it to the quilt as I went.

Then, quilting it.Ā  My family and I traveled by train to New York City over Christmas, and I had plenty of time to hand quilt. I got most of the middle done. Once home I machine quilted the rest because I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to hand quilt it all by the deadline.

I like the difference the hand quilting and machine quilting gives to the quilt.

Lakeside Avenue Full view_edited-1

Lakeside Avenue Close Up

I entered the quilt in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, February 25-28, 2016, and it was selected for the show.

I am inspired by art museums, and attending the festival was better than an art museum. Here’s me at the festival with my quilt. No ribbons, though, but look at that color. It won’t be back in time for me to take to the March 1 meeting. This photo will have to do.

MQQF closeup

Inspired by color,


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