Three Years Later

It has been a long three years.

None of my close family or friends died from Covid-19, but I know people who have. At this point, because I’m vaccinated and boosted, I will probably survive any infection. Nonetheless I have spent most of those three years inside my home. I visited my daughter in 2021 after my first vaccination. I was so hopeful then.

Then Delta and Omicron. Cases are down now, and we’ve learned so much about covid and how to treat symptoms.

I’ve started going out to eat and it feels weird. This invisible monster is in the room and I know it has killed millions of people, and I should leave immediately. All of us want to forget. We experienced trauma together and now we want to gather and laugh and eat. I get it, but it’s hard for me.

So here I sit on my couch, hoping for better days.

Sightseeing, 2021


Member Spotlight: Wanda Ann Dotson | Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild

Name: Wanda Ann Dotson Member of CVAMQG since: 2015 How long have you been quilting? Twenty-nine years What is your favorite quilting tool? ?  I love hand quilting, and I couldn’t quilt without my metal thimble. What are your favorite fabric lines and substrates? Do you prefer prints or solids? I love solids, and I have recently…
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The Boulevard

The Boulevard is the main thoroughfare through my small city in Virginia.  It’s a four-lane route with restaurants and businesses flanking each side along with strip malls. I live a block off The Boulevard.  At night I see the lights of the businesses and the red lights from my living room.  In the early morning, it is quiet and I hear the trains flying by parallel to The Boulevard.   In this piece, I explored different ways of making a log cabin block to give the feel of The Boulevard.  My starting point was elongated log cabins, then playing with the width of the strips.  I added a traditional log cabin block to represent my home on The Boulevard.

It measures 38” x 38”.

I entered this quilt in the Modern Quilt Guild’s Log Cabin Challenge, sponsored by American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. It will be on display this week at QuiltCon in Atlanta, Georgia. I won’t be there, but I’m excited it will hang alongside so many amazing modern log cabin quilts.

I used 28 weight thread, mostly stitching in the ditch. I hoped it would give a feeling of driving lanes.