QuiltCon Obsession

Since 2014 I have entered at least one quilt to be considered for QuiltCon. The first one I made was a quilt for the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge. You can see it here. It wasn’t accepted and I tried to figure out why, so I studied the quilts which were accepted. Before this year, I had four accepted:

Random Perfection
How to Play Hopscotch
Mod Drunk
Couch to 5K

This year I have two accepted:

Off the Square
Splitting Cat Hairs

My quilts have never won an award. I’ve entered quilts in Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival as well. The judge’s comments usually compliment the design and there’s almost always an execution suggestion. I was particularly surprised that the judges believed the hand quilting on Mod Drunk was distracting and the tension was too tight. Because of those comments, I have tried to be more conscious of “mistakes”. I fret over the binding and the quilting. But, I make mistakes and don’t notice them until it’s too late to fix them. Sometimes I’m impatient to finish a quilt and I’m not mindful of all the details. I enjoy the design process more than I enjoy the execution part. I’ll continue to make and share my work. I do enjoy receiving congratulations from you. I feel accepted and loved.

Two Words: Breaking the pieces

I decided on the “dancing candles” design from Day Five of the Two Colors, Two Words Guild Challenge.

Adobe Illustrator allows me to set the ratio between the artboard grid and the actual size of the pattern pieces. That helps me create pieces that I can translate into actual measurements for a quilt. To do that I had to make each background piece. I have three artboards going at the same time– the original design (one on the right), the pieces design (on the left), then the deconstructed design (it’s purposely smaller to give me room to pull them apart). This is what it looks like right now in Illustrator:

There are 41 pieces, and you can see how they would go together. But, I’m just mesmerized by the new design I created by pulling the pieces apart. It looks so much more interesting. My original “dancing candles” looks sad in comparison So I’m going to stew over that idea.