Blogging U. Day 8: Make your Blog a Hub

IF YOU SEE me running across the lawn with my hair on fire, it’s because my brain has exploded and fire is shooting out my ears. tree upside down

WHY you ask?

Today’s topic is about exploring opportunities beyond my blog. Blogging University calls my blog just a “hub” for my online presence. They suggest creating a page or section to display links to all my online presence elsewhere. Didn’t I just do this with those sidebar buttons?

Well, yes and no.

Krista of Blogging U. advices:

The short answer is: you don’t have to do anything. If you’re happy simply blogging, then hooray! We’re glad. But since you’re here because you care about traffic and growth, we want to take time to discuss how expanding your presence on a few more platforms might benefit you, whether you’re a professional freelancer or aspiring writer (or poet, or photographer, or…). This isn’t about tweeting or status updates, but about spreading your substantive work across the web — and pointing it back to your blog.

[insert eyes rolling in the back on my head]

Then I started to read the links and it started to make more sense. I could consider Tumblr, for example, as a complimentary space for my writing.

It is worth having a page on my blog with these links, not just the sidebar buttons. But, those links would need to have different content than can be found on my blog or at least I think that’s what this all means. It’s just a bit much, and my head is reeling from all this knowledge.

Cooling down now,


8 thoughts on “Blogging U. Day 8: Make your Blog a Hub

  1. Helen says:

    I can understand the logic of this , and if you’re running a business it all makes good sense / but there’ll not be much time for living . Is the next lesson on time management ?


  2. Julie Stocker says:

    Wanda, we’re all facing the time constraint dilemma. It’s a killer! What I would advise while your brain is on fire, as mine has been also as of late, is to write things down on paper. Do a few good ol’ Venn Diagrams or some visual thinking where you can walk away from it. Leave it where you can look at it late, and see if it still makes sense. I get caught in circular thinking when trying to synthesize these kinds of things, and then come back to the BIG QUESTION: What am I doing out here?=What do I want? Both are yet unanswered for me.

    New bloggers evolve. I’m sure older ones do, too. It may take a lot of time to make a small decision, and if it’s done right, many bigger ones fall into place. I’m evoking the adage we hear all the time because I think it’s most applicable. It’s not the destination. It’s the journey. If we look back on the one point where we started when we first registered our blogs to now—whoa! It’s huge how far we’ve come.

    So next time your brain is on fire, call me. I carry an extinguisher at all times. That New Bloggers forum was like lighter fluid, huh? : )


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