Blogging University Day 7: Make the Most of Big Events

CREATE  recurring blogging event or MAKE plans to attend a blogging conference. That’s today’s assignment.

A blog event attracts visitors, and participating in a blog conference raises your profile.


I participated in the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop and I’m going to participate in the Fabri-Quilt New Quilt Block Blog Hop.

Blogging University invites its students to start an event of our own.

Through the New Quilt Bloggers I was in the “Sewcial Swarm” hive, and one of the hive mates, Deanna at Stitches Quilting, posted about wanting to make a Cathedral Window quilt some day. The pattern was from a subscription service, Best-Loved Quilt Cathedral windows instructionsPatterns, which I have. It belonged to my mother.

Deanna suggested we have a Quilt-A-Long together. Each week we’d make a Cathedral Window and within about three years we’d have enough for a twin-sized quilt — if we used 6″ blocks. Of course we could make it modern and oversize it — maybe double it for 12″ blocks. We could call it “Cathedral Windnesday.” I’d create directions for the “bigger” windows then post a block each week. My concern is it wouldn’t be very exciting and limited to one quilt block. I like the idea of oversizing traditional quilt blocks so maybe a combination of a Block of the Month sampler where I upsize a traditional block. That would be a BIG EVENT.

WordPress has a complete guide to help me host the perfect event. I can submit my event to their listings. I’ll study on this some more.


Who knew there was Bloggy Boot Camp or blogging conferences? WordPress has WordCamp.

Not sure this is for me, but perhaps this is something the Modern Quilt Guild should consider hosting.

Please let me know what you think about CATHEDRAL WINDESDAY.


6 thoughts on “Blogging University Day 7: Make the Most of Big Events

  1. susan hilsenbeck says:

    I’ve been following your comments, on assignments from BU, with some interest.

    Certain things seem like very good advice, and other things seem like a lot of work. Depending on one’s other ‘jobs’ it might be a little too much of a time sink. I suppose it depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what the payoff is. It is also pretty mind-boggling how much energy the collective blog-o-sphere puts into something that is essentially ephemeral. Thanks for sharing.

    PS I do like your new look. Definitely more cheerful and bright.


    • Wanda Ann Dotson says:

      And I have another job and I work on the blog at night and on weekends. I sew sometimes — it is mind-boggling. Energy sap is a good way to describe it. There is a tangible by-product though. I enjoy the interactions with other bloggers and learning from them. That has a value to me. I just have to decide how much of myself I can dedicate to this basically non-physical connection to people. I suppose that is why the in-person blogging conferences are important, not just to raise your profile, but to connect with live faces. I am dreaming of coming to Houston to meet the Book Bee folks in person. That should be my “big event” for 2016.


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