Pause for Thought

I received an email from Makelight and she’s hosting a Pause for Thought series for the next two weeks. I joined.

I’m taking a break from the 100 Day Project.

I have been sick this week and haven’t taken any photos. I attribute this to stress. I felt stressed in preparing for the VCQ retreat, and the retreat was not that retreatful (a new word I just made up). I do love meeting new people, talking shop and learning new things, but all that doing overwhelms me. Too much stimulus. I have trouble shutting off the thoughts in my head.

Getting back to taking photographs this week was too much. That’s why I’m pausing for thought. I know you see the irony in my pausing for thought when overthinking is what I’ve been doing.

Breathe with me.

*the featured photo is from Death to Stock Photos by Maresa Smith.

Facebook: Should I delete?

A few years ago I unfriended all but three people on Facebook. I did not delete it entirely because I was a part of several quilting groups and to participate I had to maintain my Facebook account. I was able to participate in closed groups without being Facebook friends with the participants.

I slowly added quilting friends as “friends” on Facebook, and now I have 97 friends.

The recent revelations about Facebook aren’t that surprising. When I unfriended everyone, I also researched how to improve my privacy on Facebook. It was tedious, and afterward I felt it was not enough. Of course, it wasn’t.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg will say, “You agreed to this.” But it felt like a uneven exchange. I give you all my thoughts, interests and associations. You use that for your advertisers, who pay you. I’m the product. In exchange, I get my community.

Is it worth it?

I regret my agreement with you Facebook.

You own Instagram and I have a community there too.

If I leave, you still have all that data, but you won’t be able to target me. On the other hand, I will lose my easy access to my quilting community. It’s a difficult decision.

I’m interested in what you think.


Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Blog Hop

Paige Alexander at Quilted Blooms and Cheryl  Brickey at Meadow Mist Designs have a new book, Modern Plus Sign Quilts. They asked me to make a project from the book and share on my blog. I was very excited for them. I met them when I participated in the 2015 QuiltCon Charity Challenge. I got to meet them in real life at QuiltCon 2018. They are awesome folk.

I’m one of many who are participating in the blog hop for the book. Paige and Cheryl are having giveaways, so go to their blogs for details on that.

Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs
Paige @ Quilted Blooms

I chose the quilt, Cute as a Button, from the 16 projects in the book.

This is my version:

Cute as a Button Quilt cropped

The pattern uses machine raw-edge applique for the “buttons”, but I used needle turn applique because I enjoy the handwork more. I also used some of my hand-dyed indigo fabric.  The button template was simple, and I just added an eighth of an inch to the template for the needle turn. I cut the template out of freezer paper and ironed it on before cutting it.


I hand quilted it and emphasized the plus-sign pattern in the quilting. I took the photo above along the Appomattox River at the Old Brick House in Colonial Heights, Virginia. (An ancestor was an indentured servant there). I’m using my new photography skills, but I haven’t mastered that blurry background effect yet.

The quilt measures 30″ by 30″. I plan to hang it on my living room wall.

Cute as a Button up close2

This is Paige’s pattern in the book.

Photo: C&T Publications

Photo: C&T Publishing

As you can tell, this is a versatile template and offers options for playing with color. Each block is 6″ square finished. The button template uses a 5″ square — great for pre-cuts. The quilt measures 39.5″ square.

You can purchase the book from Paige at her Etsy shop or from Cheryl at her Etsy shop. Just click on their names. It’s also available on Amazon.

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Modern Plus Sign Quilts Cover

Photo: C&T Publishing