I heard this piece on the radio coming home from work a few days ago: Letters of Note.  I love letters. I love words.

I like fun words like gee whizz and buzz off. I like flowery words like serendipity and sentimental. I like alliteration.

I like legal words like jurisdiction, justice and jury pool.

I like phrases like “have you lost weight?” and “the test results were negative.”

I like words you have to yell like “timber” and “defense.”

I also like writing letters with those lovely words.

When I was a child I wrote letters to my grandfather who lived in another state. The last letter I sent to him was put in his casket. It didn’t arrive before he died. At that moment I realized how important letters were. I hoped my grandfather loved those letters as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I send out a Christmas letter to my friends and family every year. I’ve kept a copy of each one and they tell the story of our lives.

I enjoy getting cards and letters from my family and friends as well.

I really like putting words together with photos and graphics. That’s why I blog. I’ll keep using characters to create letters of note.

Take care,


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