Honeysuckle and Chalkboard Paints

I spend quite a bit of time in my home office, mostly telecommuting for my job. I decided it needed a facelift. For the first project, I wanted a chalkboard wall. Over the weekend I painted a wall with black chalkboard paint. I used one quart of Valspar, two coats. I considered Dry Erase by Rust-Oleum, but one container covered only 7 by 7 feet and my wall was 8 by 11 feet. I used my regular paintbrush and roller. I was worried the brush lines would show, but it didn’t, so you don’t need to use a foam brush.

Like any paint project, it's good to

Like any paint project, it’s good to “cut in” first. –photo by nora paige davis.

My lovely husband, Dave, found me a chalkboard eraser. He’s been teaching for more than twenty-five years and remembers when chalkboards were in every classroom. Apparently they are no longer in demand and have been replaced by dry erase boards.

I then rearranged the desks in my home office — one for work and one for personal. I moved the personal desk to the chalkboard wall and added a “clothes line” from the wall to inside the closet, hanging items I like and my passport (I need a reminder to renew it by October).

Yes. That's a Miss Piggy mug.

Yes. That’s a Miss Piggy mug.

For my second project, I love pink and decided one wall in my home office needed some love — Honeysuckle by Pantone. I got the paint at Lowe’s. It’s not baby pink and I like it.

My office is full of things I love — ceramics from my mother, old cameras and lots of interesting fabric for that next quilt project. I have artwork from my daughter.


It’s not complete, but the job of painting is almost over. I want to paint the inside of my “quilt closet” the same Honeysuckle color. Maybe next weekend!

One thought on “Honeysuckle and Chalkboard Paints

  1. Barbara Dotson says:

    Wanda, what an extraordinary talented woman you are…Multi-talented &a multi-tasker ! I love to read anything you write..I love reading this…I loved your painting expertise! Beautiful. God has blessed you in Multi-Multi- Multi ways! I really enjoyed this! Sooooooooooo good to have you as my facebook friend! Have a great Summer! ~~~ Barb Dotson


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