Day 18/100, Quilt Photography

Day Eighteen 4-20-18 quilt photography

Quilt Photography

It’s Day 18 of the 100 Days of Quilt Photography by Wanda. I’m going to share what I’ve learned and confirmed.

Outdoor light is better than my indoor light.

This photo was taken indoors and it would have been better outdoors. But, I learned that cloudy days are better than sunny days. Today there are no clouds in the sky. And, who wants to take a dozen or so quilts outside.

I’ve learned that when it is sunny, I should find shade or wait until that golden moment in the evening or the morning.

I’m getting better at adjusting the settings on my digital camera. This takes time and patience. In that sense, the 100 Day Project is good for learning and playing with a new skill.

I’m searching for another style of photography.

I admit I’ve been copying what I see online. I’ve experimented with flat curated photos and stylized photos of notions and thread. But, it seems a bit too precious. I really want to create art photography. What I am producing is amateurish.

I aspire to create quilt portraits.

Also, it is very difficult to tell a story with a flat image of a quilt; however, folded and up close photos of quilts aren’t any better. Several of the photos I’ve taken do tell a story. The photos together tell a story:

I want to push myself to explore that more. I have another 82 days to do that.

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