Dressing for QuiltCon in Savannah

It’s got to be comfortable and stylish. For the flight down. (1) shoes I can remove and put on easily; (2) layers for change in temperatures (3) ease of movement.

I enlisted Stitch Fix to help me for the entire convention. They sent: a maxi dress, jeans, kimono, short-sleeved shirt and knit shirt.

The jeans were skinny and uncomfortable. The kimono was itchy (100% polyester) The short sleeved shirt had two fabrics together which I don’t like. The print on the maxi created a white stripe across my ass. I loved the colors of all the items but comfort is paramount. The knit shirt was a nice color of green and soft so I kept that.



That means I will have to shop in my closet.



short sleeve shirt

kimono like something


The dress, blue/white shirt and green sweater, plus the new green knit, are from previous Stitch Fixes. Add some t-shirts and accessories. Sweatpants. Done.

See you in Savannah,





Comfort Zone

I believe clothes should be fun and express who you are. I tried the capsule wardrobe and discovered I like an all-season capsule wardrobe. I have everything I own in my closet, and I’m experimenting with combining summer items with winter ones.

I have about 50 items of clothing, not including shoes and accessories or sweatpants and t-shirts.

wardrobe by color

I recently organized by color to see what was missing. I need some violet and light pink. I have plenty of blue and black. I was surprised I have only one red item: a winter cape.

I’ve purchased many items through Stitch Fix and they send suggestion cards with each item:


I’m going to use these cards more. I have a peach blouse I can wear with this cardigan. I have a striped dress I can wear with it too. And, I have a handmade necklace almost identical which I got from Sweet Cami Jayne on Etsy.

This is me wearing this cardigan with a knit shirt (think yoga), which is almost the same color as the cardigan. Getting out of my comfort zone will mean following their suggestions. Novel idea!

Stitch Fix cardiganGetting out of my comfort zone,



I love a good challenge

One definition of a “challenge” is a stimulating or interesting task or problem. I like quilt challenges because they focus my intentions on a particular problem.

Right now many modern quilters are creating quilts using Michael Miller’s Glitz Collection for the 2016 QuiltCon West show. I was one of those quilters.

The fabric was sophisticated and included mostly polka dots and “orange peel” graphics in silver, white, black and gold. I received 8 fat-eighths.

When I typed the word “glitz” into Pinterest, I got posts from beauty pageants and little girls in heavy makeup — not chic at all. I sketched some, and nothing felt right. I let it go for awhile.

I purchased a notebook while on vacation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it inspired me to make Swimsuits as my Glitz challenge:

swimsuits inspiration

I sketched some swimsuits. Then cut out patterns from freezer paper. I added some bikinis to my swimsuit collection.

At first I thought I’d make a simple block in a coordinating solid for each swimsuit, but they looked plain and flat. I went back to Pinterest and typed “vintage swimsuits” and stumbled upon an old Frederick’s of Hollywood ad for lingerie. I liked the design which inspired this sketch:


I played and played and played. I enjoyed the process, folding fabrics and making the most wonderful swimsuit collection.

I entered it in the challenge.

My daughter loves it. She has taken it for her own. Michael Miller fabric feels luxurious.

It’s a winner.

swimsuits make me happy

Swimsuits make me smile too,