Dressing for QuiltCon in Savannah

It’s got to be comfortable and stylish. For the flight down. (1) shoes I can remove and put on easily; (2) layers for change in temperatures (3) ease of movement.

I enlisted Stitch Fix to help me for the entire convention. They sent: a maxi dress, jeans, kimono, short-sleeved shirt and knit shirt.

The jeans were skinny and uncomfortable. The kimono was itchy (100% polyester) The short sleeved shirt had two fabrics together which I don’t like. The print on the maxi created a white stripe across my ass. I loved the colors of all the items but comfort is paramount. The knit shirt was a nice color of green and soft so I kept that.



That means I will have to shop in my closet.



short sleeve shirt

kimono like something


The dress, blue/white shirt and green sweater, plus the new green knit, are from previous Stitch Fixes. Add some t-shirts and accessories. Sweatpants. Done.

See you in Savannah,





One thought on “Dressing for QuiltCon in Savannah

  1. Candy says:

    Love this! I never think to pack until I am rushing in the morning trying to make the flight on time! Have a great time at QuiltCon–I will be looking for your IG posts!


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