Two Colors, Two Words Challenge

My Quilt Guild, the Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild, is hosting a quilt challenge for 2019.

At the meeting, each member wrote words on two separate pieces of paper.  We then picked two fabric scraps from a tin can and two words from a bag.

I got Completion and Eudiamonia and two shades of gray.  Eudiamonia means happiness or joy or living your best life or flourishing.


I bought some solid grays (Peppered Cottons Fog and Charcoal) and a stripe with grays and orange/purple (Robert Kaufman, Figment Smoke)


I want to create a design in Adobe Illustrator. I want to make a design a day for a week and see what develops. I want the design to reflect simplicity or minimalism as living my best life. Stay tuned!

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