Emerge Circle– Flower Stems quilt

I was the lead quilter for July for the Emerge Circle of do.good Stitches.  We make quilts for local and global charities.  I am the lead quilter once a year.  The other months I make blocks for the lead quilter.

Emrge Circle photo of Flower Stems

Flower Stems

The quilt is made of (12) 18″ square blocks and (12) 12″ square improv blocks.  We have 12 members in Emerge Circle, including myself, so everyone made (1) 18″ square block and (1) 12″ square block.  The color palette was: Salmon, Dark Gray, Light Green, White, Light Blue, Peach and Yellow.  I put the blocks together randomly.

You can view the instructions here: FLower Stems pattern July 2018.

The layout is very simple with Row 1 with (4) 18″ square blocks, Row 2 with (6) 12″ square blocks and so on:

Flower Stems Layout July 2018I used Quilter’s Dream batting, 100% deluxe cotton.  The quilt finished at 78″ by 72″.   I used the walking foot on my Bernina to quilt it.

Emerge Circle photo of Flower Stems closeup

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