Day 23/100, Least Favorite Thing to Do

Day twenty-three 4-24-18 supply list

Least Favorite Thing to Do

I’m getting ready to go to a three-day sewing retreat. If I could hire a personal retreat assistant, I would.

Is this enough fabric? Is it the right fabric? Where are all the tools? Why do I need to take all these cords? and on and on.

I feel dizzy.

3 thoughts on “Day 23/100, Least Favorite Thing to Do

  1. Brenda says:

    I so know what you mean! Going to a class, or quilt retreat requires so much planning, packing, and schlepping! Have a wonderful time! : ) Brenda, Bend, Oregon


  2. tierneycreates says:

    Ha! I have the same feeling pre-quilt retreat: am I bringing all I should, am I bringing too much, is it not enough, will I run out of things to do, will I need my own mini cutting board in case the one at the retreat is too busy…etc. We just have to let these worries go and look forward to relaxing, sewing and visiting with friends (new or old) 🙂


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