The 100 Day Project 2018

For this year’s The 100 Day Project I’m concentrating on quilt photography and process. It started yesterday so I’m a day behind, but I didn’t know until last night that this was what I was going to do.

At the Central Virginia MQG meeting last night, the program was Using Social Media to Your Advantage. We practiced taking photos for our Instagram feed. I loved how the feeling of the photo depended on the angle of the camera. Kat Van B. reminded us about The 100 Day Project.

I did this project last year and concentrated on finishing projects. So, this year I wanted to be creative in another way. I took a quilt photography class at QuiltCon and I’m still learning and experimenting. Taking photographs of quilts seemed like a nice way to explore my love for photography and the quilt process. I knew the 100 day Project would force me to do it every day or at least nudge me to do it. I may photograph some finished quilts because I want to document them in a new way. Just have fun with it.

So this is the first photo (Day 02/100), and my hashtag is #100DaysQuiltPhotographyByWanda.

]quiltphotographybywanda Day Two 4-4-18.JPG

the 100 day project logo 2018

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