Precision Piecing 45-degree angles

For almost two years, I’ve been making blocks for do.good.stitches group. Ours is the Emerge group. This month’s block is called “Magic Eight Ball”. The tutorial is from Blossom Hearts Quilts. Amanda Todd is this month’s leader and she chose this block for us to make.


The block has multiple 45-degree pieces. To align the straight blocks with the “eight ball” block, you need to mark first. That means marking 1/4 inch from the edge of the “eight ball” and 1/4 inch from the white/teal block.


After marking, place a pin where the mark meets the seam. Then, pin across where you’re going to stitch.


Make sure you stitch over the line you just made.

I think this is going to be a cool quilt. Amanda will turn our blocks into a quilt for Youth Emergency Services organization.


Keep doing good,

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