Tips for Needle Turn Applique

I am a newborn when it comes to needle turn applique. That is why I’m taking a block of the month course at Quilting Adventures to learn all the ways to needle turn applique.

In my first two months, I have learned some valuable tips from our wonderful teacher, Phoebe.

The needle matters

I first tried using Clover Black Gold Needle No. 9 and they were too short, and although the needles pierce smoothly through the fabric they didn’t turn the fabric smoothly. When I switched to John James Gold’n Glide Applique Size 11, I got great results.

Marking with a pencil works fine

This BOM is Carolyn Friedlander’s Collection quilt pattern and she bastes each piece then needle turns the fabric. Phoebe uses a pencil instead of basting and it works great. It is probably faster this way too.

Thread should match the applique piece or a shade lighter

I’m using 100 weight thread because I have a large assortment of WonderFil, but it its really thin and I worry the pieces might come off. So I might change to 50 or 60 weight Aurifil or 60 weight  Mettler.  I might try silk thread. I have a collection of YLI Silk Thread. I’m still learning.

Enjoy the process

I am using mostly scraps for my pieces and I’ve enjoyed picking out each little bit and slowly stitching them to the background.



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