Hand Quilting: that joyful process surges in popularity

SOME FOLKS believe modern quilters don’t hand sew. This is not surprising since “modern” usually means what’s popular at the moment such as the latest technology. In the case of quilters, that means long arm machines. But, hand sewing is modern because it is gaining popularity among quilters at this moment.

I JUST READ an article from the National Quilting Association titled, “Handwork makes a Comeback.” The article includes a quilt by Chawne Kimber: Wedowee. I’m a huge fan. The main point of the article was that modern handwork is innovative with “big stitching” and combining hand stitching with machine stitching.

I love hand quilting.  I use some BASIC TOOLS:  hand sewing essentials

  • Thread: 40 weight Prescencia for small stitching and 8 weight perle cotton from the same brand for big stitching.
  • Needles: Size 9 and 11 made by John James for small stitching and a variety of needles from the Big Stitch Quilting Needle Pack made by Colonial Needle Company for big stitching.
  • Notions: Small snips for clipping; sometimes bees wax, and safety pins for basting.

I use a thimble as well. I have used it for longer than I can remember. It’s essential to me.

butterfly appliqueI buy thread and notions from Hand Quilting Supplies, an online shop.

Tim Latimer is also a resource. He is an amazing hand quilter and has video tutorials. (here and here)

Quilting Adventures has a Back to Basics series, and there’s one on:

Be modern and try some hand sewing,


I’m linking up with Late Night Quilter’s Tips and Tutorials Tuesdays, where incidentally she has a video on making thread knots.

11 thoughts on “Hand Quilting: that joyful process surges in popularity

  1. creaturecomfortquilts says:

    I really admire hand quilting. It is what I grew up watching my mother do, and it is how I quilted my first projects. I still love hand sewing my bindings. Thanks for the detailed instructions and the links! a.


  2. Susan says:

    Yay for hand quilting! It’s how I started and what I still enjoy most, though I owned a longarm for ten years and want another one soon. There are some things worth the time and effort of hand work, and some things that just need to be done and done. =)


  3. Terri Ann says:

    I’ve never really gotten into hand quilting but I admire it so much! I think I just need more practice with it and I’d learn to enjoy it more. Great resource list in this post, I’ll have to save it for when I have the downtime to give hand quilting a go again.


  4. quiltingmod says:

    Hello, I’m visiting form the New Quilt Blogger Hop; I participated last year. Thank you for the information about hand quilting. It looks so beautiful. It’s nice to know what supplies you recommend too.


  5. thebiasedge says:

    I am hopping from the New Bloggers Hop. Thanks for reminding me about hand quilting. These days, time is so short at my end that I do not have time for hand quilting. Everything is machine pieced, machine quilted. Must get back to hand quilting one of these days.


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