Recycled Storage

Getting organized this month? I like using things I already have in new ways, particularly in my sewing space:

I. Glassware

I have zippers in a vase and in a glass jar:


I use bowls for yarn:


II. Ladders

I use a not-so-old wooden ladder as shelving for my scrap-made fabric bins:


I got the directions for the bins from the book, Sunday Morning Quilts. I made them all with scraps and used cardboard from cereal boxes for the sides and bottoms. If I made them again, I’d use heavier cardboard to give them more stability.

III. Crates

I have an old Coca-Cola crate for holding fat-eighths and fat quarters:


At one time in my life, these crates were used to return glass Coca-Cola bottles to the store for a new set of bottles. No one does this anymore.

IV. Wash tubs

For overflow scraps, I have this wash tub. It’s great for parties, too — just add ice and beverages.


You may want to visit this site for creative craft room storage ideas.

Happy sorting and storing,


3 thoughts on “Recycled Storage

  1. PT in SC says:

    Wanda, I love all of the above. I have an old galvanized tub that was my father in-law’s and it is painted this great light turqoise color. I never have thought about bringing it indoors. Thanks for the idea.


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