Yoga Sling Tutorial

I just started yoga at a local studio and of course in the middle of meditation practice I had an idea — I needed a way to transport my “yoga quilts” to class. They make great bolsters, by the way. I didn’t want to make a bag because taking the quilts in and out of the bag would just add stress to yoga. I needed a sling.

I searched Pinterest and the web for ideas and only found yoga bags or straps to carry a yoga mat. I needed something different. I’m sharing this tutorial in case you want to make a yoga quilt sling to carry your quilts and/or your yoga mat. It would also make a great sling for beach towels.

I had these wonderful pieces I had made in my Liberated Quilting Group. The wavy piece (shown above) was made by the group leader, Betty P., during a class on “portholes” from the book, Improv Quilts, by Lucie Summers. Betty thought my red fabric looked good with her piece. I like how organic and happy it is. The perfect piece for a yoga quilt sling.

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