Be still my paper-loving heart

I’m a paper calendar type of person. Even though I work in a paperless work environment, I still keep my appointments on a paper calendar.

I was excited to receive the first edition of The Quilter’s Planner, created by Stephanie Palmer of The Late Night Quilter.

Quilters Planner 2016

It arrived on Saturday, and it’s more than a calendar. And, that scares me. There’s space for Personal, Work, and Quilting To-Do Lists. There are daily appointment times. My life isn’t that hectic so I don’t think I will use those. I like looking at the month at a glance. I usually don’t have more than one appointment on any given day. As I write this, I think maybe I should schedule time for exercise and meditation and maybe sewing time. Maybe.

The weeks start on Monday, which is odd for me. I like calendars which start on Sunday. It’s just habit.

Each week does include a quilt block from some of my new quilting friends — 52 blocks in all are included. I like seeing everyone’s names. Plus, there are several patterns in the back of the planner from Amy Garro of 13 Spools, Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs, Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced, Yvonne Fuchsof of Quilting Jetgirl. Pat Sloan of The Voice of Quilting, and Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter.

I like the tabs for each month and the corresponding graph paper.

As I consider my plans for 2016, I know I will love using paper for sketching my quilt design ideas, and I know I’ll keep using this paperless medium to share my quilt journey.



Yoga Sling Tutorial

I just started yoga at a local studio and of course in the middle of meditation practice I had an idea — I needed a way to transport my “yoga quilts” to class. They make great bolsters, by the way. I didn’t want to make a bag because taking the quilts in and out of the bag would just add stress to yoga. I needed a sling.

I searched Pinterest and the web for ideas and only found yoga bags or straps to carry a yoga mat. I needed something different. I’m sharing this tutorial in case you want to make a yoga quilt sling to carry your quilts and/or your yoga mat. It would also make a great sling for beach towels.

I had these wonderful pieces I had made in my Liberated Quilting Group. The wavy piece (shown above) was made by the group leader, Betty P., during a class on “portholes” from the book, Improv Quilts, by Lucie Summers. Betty thought my red fabric looked good with her piece. I like how organic and happy it is. The perfect piece for a yoga quilt sling.

Let’s get started. Continue reading

One tip: perfect needle-turn applique

I am very good at raw edge applique, but needle-turn applique intimidated me, and every attempt looked sloppy. Until now. Carolyn Friedlander suggested in her book, Savor Each Stitch, that you baste the piece to the background one-quarter inch from the applique edge as a guide for turning under the fabric. This changed everything. I deviated from her instructions and instead I stitched one-quarter inch from the edge of the piece, separate from the background:


I applied starch on the edges and ironed:


I used temporary glue to attach to the background fabric:

no sew glue

At this point I had the choice to stitch down by machine or by hand. I choose by hand, using a Size 11 gold needle by John James and 50 weight thread from Mettler in a matching thread. I’m experimenting with curves as part of the Savor Each Stitch Book Bee and studying Contrast. The pink and orange seemed like a good place to start.

needle turned applique

If you aren’t into this method, there are ways to get the same effect with no fabric turning. Jenna Brand has a tutorial.

I’m linking this post to The Late Night Quilters’ Tips or Tutorials Tuesday.

One tip at a time,