Mini Charm Challenge

The challenge from Quilting Adventures quilt shop was to take a pack of mini charms and make something. The mini charm pack included only batiks:

I laid out the mini charms, and they had a water/ocean feel. One looked like a fish. I then attached them to some blue fabric in a wavy manner, using my machine’s feather stitch to applique them to three different strips of fabric:

Wavy batiks

After staring at it for awhile, I realized I would never hang this on my wall or use it as a quilt. Plan B emerged. I’d make a small pocketbook. I used instructions from May Chappell blog. I liked the finished pocketbook, and I took it to the Atlantic Ocean, Chincoteague Island, Virginia this past weekend:

Mini Charm bag

(The fish inspiration is located on the left side in the middle.) I like how the mini charms add interest with the piping across the front of the bag:

mini charm bag closeup

I added a small pocket inside the bag. The instructions did not include a strap, but I wanted one. I used the rest of the piping for that. I used embroidery thread to make the zipper pull/tassel.

mini charm bag inside       mini charm bag other side

There were a few snippets of mini charms left and I created a Project Pouch to store my Row by Row Experiences patterns. I’m planning some projects from my recent shop hop excursions. By the way, one of the shops, Quilts by the Sea, was located on Chincoteague Island, and this gave us a good excuse to visit there for a weekend getaway. More later on my Row by Row Experiences.

project pouch

Folding Fat Eighths.


Quilting Adventures, my local quilt shop, recently had a “Stuff Your Sewing Basket” sale which they have once a year. If you are on their email list, they send you an email with that day’s goodies for sale. They ship the items or you pick them up at the store.

Anyway, I purchased two sets of 6 Fat Eighths in orange and gray:


They were too cute to use, but I was curious how they were folded:

Fold the fabric into thirds:

IMG_2867 IMG_2866

This is the tricky part, from the left pull the fabric up to the right until there is about a half inch above the top of the fabric on the right corner of the triangle.


Fold the flap over the back and finger press it against the back. You should have a sharp edge on the left and the top of the fabric.


Now lift the creased top part and lay it inside and on top of the long strip. You can now start to make the triangles, back and forth until you get to the end.


At the end, tuck the end triangle tail into the back of the triangle stack.


That’s how it was folded.


The selection of fabrics made me very happy.

IMG_2830 IMG_2874

Okay, so I’ll have to use them now.