Three Years Later

It has been a long three years.

None of my close family or friends died from Covid-19, but I know people who have. At this point, because I’m vaccinated and boosted, I will probably survive any infection. Nonetheless I have spent most of those three years inside my home. I visited my daughter in 2021 after my first vaccination. I was so hopeful then.

Then Delta and Omicron. Cases are down now, and we’ve learned so much about covid and how to treat symptoms.

I’ve started going out to eat and it feels weird. This invisible monster is in the room and I know it has killed millions of people, and I should leave immediately. All of us want to forget. We experienced trauma together and now we want to gather and laugh and eat. I get it, but it’s hard for me.

So here I sit on my couch, hoping for better days.

Sightseeing, 2021