Play Crafts’ Palette Builder

I recently tried the Palette Builder (tutorial here) at Play Crafts. She’s a super nice person, and I like corresponding with her and reading her blog.

I used a photo from Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens I took last July. I’m in love with this color palette:

Lewis Ginter orchids

From left to right, the Kona Cotton colors are: Black, Hunter Green, Smoke, Steel, Herb and Ballerina.

As the tutorial from Play Crafts explains, the Palette Builder does not pick out particular colors from the photo.

The palette builder actually chooses colors based on how often they appear in the image. That [hot pink] is just a small portion, small enough that it might not register because it appears too infrequently. Fortunately, now that you can easily drag the palette circles around, you can add that [hot pink] to the palette easily yourself. 

I wanted to see what would happen if I choose the “hot pink” from the photo:

Orchids with valentine

The pink is now “Valentine.” That captures the feeling for me better, but I’d throw in some Ballerina, too.


I tried some other photos. I’m amazed at the colors I could find in this photo of shoulder pads:

shoulder pads

The Kona Cotton colors are:  Charcoal, Stone, Mushroom, Sunflower, Honey and Nectarine.

Looking for a calm color palette, let’s go to Sea Island, Georgia:

Sea Island-palette

The colors are: Emerald, Charcoal, Blue Bell, Delft, Evergreen and Graphite.

Color can have such an impact on how we feel. And, I like how all of these colors make me feel.

Feel the color,


QuiltCon Charity Challenge: the process.

Awhile back I agreed to work with individual members of the Modern Quilt Guild to create a quilt for charity.  The challenge was to use their color palette and to use alternative grid design. The color palette they suggested we use: white, light gray, chartreuse, burnt orange, sky blue, cerise, and deep turquoise.

A MQG member organized the bees and assigned individual members to a regional “bee”. I’m in Southeast Region 4 which includes quilters from Delaware to Florida.  Around the first of October we received an email from MQG with everyone’s emails. One of the group members, Jennifer Price, set up an account with and a poll to determine what date and time we could all meet in a teleconference. We got together on the phone on October 10. There are 8 of us in this quilting bee.

One of the quilters, Paige Alexander, suggested a design using a post about Jackie Gehring’s guide to Variable Framing. Five of the quilters agreed to make four blocks each with one of the blocks having a “star” design. We would use white as the frame/background for the blocks.  Cheryl Brickey created a flickr group for us to post photos and discuss our progress.

I agreed to assemble the blocks, which measure 18″ by 18″ finished, and they have started to arrive:

QuiltCon mail

Shelly Recicar from Boca Raton, Florida created these blocks:

Shelly's Block


Paige Alexander from Easley, South Carolina created these blocks:

Paige's Blocks

Cheryl Brickey from Greer, South Carolina created these blocks:

Cheryl's Blocks

When I have the quilt top assembled, I’m going to create a quilt sandwich and send it to Pam Chamberlain in Miami, Florida to quilt. She’s then going to send it to Jennifer in Delaware to bind and finish, mailing it to MQG for display at the upcoming QuiltCon convention in Texas. The deadline for submission is the first of January 2015.

We will then give the quilt to a charity. We haven’t decided yet on which charity.  The process continues.