How to sew quarter circles

I’m experimenting with quarter circles as part of a quilt I’m making for Savor Each Stitch Book Bee chapter on Emphasis. Quarter circles can be sewn in many ways: (1) pin it; (2) glue it; (3) wing it.


I use silk pins. I pin the larger piece (L looking shape) on top of the smaller piece (pie piece).

  • Stitch it slowly, guiding it along the quarter-inch mark;
  • Press toward the large piece unless you want the pie piece to take center stage.


I use applique glue. It’s very thin and washes out. You don’t need very much glue.

  • Glue one side of the pie piece, easing it to the middle
  • Glue the other side of the pie, easing it to the outside edge
  • Sew it, using a quarter-inch seam allowance.


  • Layer one piece of fabric on top of another piece of fabric.
  • Cut a curve.
  • Take one of the concave and one of the convex pieces and pin them.
  • Sew just like with the perfect pieces (the first method above).
  • Trim to the size you want.

I like the glue basting method because I can glue a group of them, then chain sew them. With the Pin It method, I am limited by the number of silk pins I have — which isn’t many.

By the way, I used a template from All Things Acrylic which I recently received in a Quilty Box: quarter circle templates

More quarter circles to make,


4 thoughts on “How to sew quarter circles

  1. Helen says:

    Hi wanda , I’ve been neglecting my blog writing and reading so it’s catch up time . I never have had great success sewing circles but hope to with my new friend , my pfaff machine . Thank you for the tips


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