Blogging U. Day 5: Make the Most of Your Archives

THE BEST of Wanda’s Life Sampler is on tap for today’s course homework.

Blogging University professor Krista advises:

Why do this?

  • Because a go-to page compiling your best posts is the simplest way to get readers to your content — you never know which post pique someone’s interest, so make the good ones easy to find.
  • Because while your About page does a great job introducing you, a curated selection of posts further illustrates your perspectives.


  1. Refer to past posts in the current post.
  2. Use widgets such as Top Posts, Archives and Categories.
  3. Use Related Posts feature at the end of the current post.
  4. Then, there’s a “Best of” page which can be added to the main menu and to the About page.

I have a “Quilt Gallery” and a “Tips & Tutorials” page, but I include every associated post on those pages.

For my homework, I’ve added a page called, “Quilt Porn,” as my best QUILT PORNof section. It’s the really hot stuff on my blog.

Giving you free quilt porn,


6 thoughts on “Blogging U. Day 5: Make the Most of Your Archives

  1. knettycraft says:

    Hello Wanda. Thank you for your interesting blog university posts…. read it all so far. I admire how you have overworked and redesigned your blog. After oneand a half year with my blog I feel it need a restauration… at the beginning it was just fun but that changed in a way. So beside my daily work (I have a full time job) it is a second job and a kind of work. I often felt the pressure to post something (Oh, already 2 weeks since my last post…). And it is very time consuming to write a post. So I am a little blogging lazy at the moment and try to use my time to create… on the other hand a “successful” blog with a high visitors traffic needs a lot of care…


    • Wanda Ann Dotson says:

      Thanks. It is like having a second job. I enjoy the creativity involved as much as I enjoy creating quilts. That’s one of the reasons I took the Blogging course — to learn what works. Taking it one step at a time has helped.


  2. Helen says:

    It is very time consuming at the minute isn’t it! I have enjoyed your series of posts and am looking forward to reading or is it looking at your quilting porn ! What have I come to , addicted to quilting porn!


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