The next leg of the Chicken Run coming to Virginia.

I won a chicken pincushion as part of Oh Sew Tempting’s Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of:


My chicken, “Lucky Stripper,” will be traveling across the Atlantic some time this week. It was made by Textile Dreamer. I’m so lucky to have such an exotic chicken for a pincushion.

After “Lucky Stripper” arrives, I’ll make a new chicken pincushion for the next “leg” of the Chicken Run, taking off from Virginia, U.S.A.

Stay Tuned for more details. You might get Lucky, too.

5 thoughts on “The next leg of the Chicken Run coming to Virginia.

  1. textiledreamer says:

    She went into the mail on Tuesday! After trying to find the right kind of label at the post office, the nice lady explained to me that you can send anything that weighs less than a kilogram as an “international letter”, even if it takes the form of a cube! Made the whole shebang much cheaper, that’s for sure. So, hopefully my cubic letter will arrive soon!


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