Road Trip: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’.

The Wizard of Oz is the ultimate road trip. My husband and I took a road trip this past week to see our daughter in Southwest Virginia, traveling five hours by car. She’s working at The Barter Theatre this summer in the marketing department and taking summer classes at Emory & Henry College.


On any road trip, potty breaks are the most interesting. My husband says I have the bladder of a four-year-old. We stopped at Goose Creek Market. They are located off Interstate 64 in Fishersville, Virginia. They have donuts made fresh daily:

Goose Creek Market


After stopping in Fishersville, we soon entered one of the worst interstates in America for traveling because of the concentration of trucks and very few three-lane stretches. It is like avoiding Flying Monkeys. Our second stop was off Interstate 81 in Pulaski at the Exxon gas station. I did goof off some:

Pulaski Exxon


We arrived in Abingdon, Virginia, safely, and around 5:30 p.m., we took our daughter out to dinner. While there, my husband ran into a friend he hadn’t seen in more than 20 years. We haven’t lived in Southwest Virginia since 1997, but we still call it our “home” when anyone asks, “Where you from?”


The Barter Theatre is a wonderful place, and we saw The Wizard of Oz that night.

Outside The Barter Theatre

Inside The Barter Theatre

The creation of the tornado was inventive with the use of fabric and dancers. The Munchins were entertaining and just so darn cute. Of course before we see the Wizard I needed to pee and was grateful for the intermission.


My husband, waiting for me:

Husband waiting for the show to start

Overall it was a very fun experience. It was a great road trip with a happy ending. Spoiler Alert: Dorothy makes it back home from the Land of Oz.


The gift shop was packed with people the night of the performance so we went back the next day to buy a t-shirt and take some photos. This “cardboard toto” was located inside the lobby:

cardboard toto

On the other side of the street from The Barter Theatre, they had taken the LOVEworks art from the Virginia is for Lovers and added OZ to promote the show:


I modeled my new t-shirt:

OzShirtBack of Oz shirt

We eventually made our way home. It was a great road trip with a happy ending.

The Chicken Run: LOVE DOVE is on her way to Montana, USA

The Oh Sew Tempting Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of is off to Montana, USA.

Sarah at Here We Are was the lucky winner, and the chicken pincushion has a new name, LOVE DOVE. Check out her wonderful blog for the next leg of the Chicken Run.

Sarah suggested I de-stuff LOVE DOVE and send her that way. So smart!

Even though LOVE DOVE looked deflated in leaving her birthplace, I know she’ll make new friends out West:


The good thing is I don’t have an empty nest. Lucky Stripper and I are planning our next sightseeing tour. Over Mother’s Day weekend, we visited our daughter in Abingdon where she is interning at The Barter Theatre. Lucky Stripper and LOVE DOVE had a great time. Oh the memories.


Take care, LOVE DOVE,

The Chicken Run: get in the race.

The next leg of the Oh Sew Tempting Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of has begun.

If you want to be in the Winner’s Circle, avoid disqualification by following these RULES:

1. Agree to make another chicken and give it away on your blog within 4 weeks of receiving your prize. Include a link back to Oh Sew so that all the chickens can appear in the Chicken Run Gallery which will include a link to your blog if you have one.

2. Leave a reply below to say (a) what you would like to call the chicken pincushion pictured above; (b) which country she/he would be going to and (c) why she/he would feel at home there.

3. It is important to let Oh Sew Tempting know about every chicken that is hatched.

4. This giveaway is open to everyone in the whole wide world until the end of May 20, 2014 (local time) and will be drawn using a random generator.


I made two wonky log cabins. I used the same pattern directions (the sizes at least) from Granny Maud’s Girl site.

I left an opening in the bottom/belly to insert the stuffing. (Please do not stuff your giveaway chicken with foodstuff or plant material as it may not be allowed into the country you are sending to.)
IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2729 IMG_2730 IMG_2735 IMG_2736


I was inspired by the LOVEworks promoted by the Virginia is for Lovers tourist site. I blogged about it my previous post.

I took photos of this chicken at the Richmond International Raceway where they have a LOVEworks piece at the Front Stretch entrance:


LEAVE A REPLY, and this chicken could be yours.