Mod Drunk

Mod Drunk is finished! It was my exploration of the design element, EMPHASIS, as part of Savor Each Stitch Book Bee. I started this quilt in October 2015. I described my process in a previous post.

I’ve been hand quilting it since last year and concentrated my efforts during the 100 Day Project. It is my favorite design from the Bee.


Texture: the last chapter

Texture was the the last chapter in Carolyn Friedlander’s Savor Each Stitch  book and the last chapter of our Book Bee.

Maybe because it was the last chapter and because a myriad of other commitments this summer, I am still working on this chapter quilt.

Carolyn’s project in the book was inspired by Crazy Quilts. I took that inspiration as well.

I have a Bernina 560 and it has dozens of embroidery stitches. I bought some linen and linen/cotton fabric and started stitching those embroidery stitches.

I had a basket of thread from my mother’s stash. She died 20 years ago this year,img_8019 and I liked the idea of using her thread in my Texture quilt.

It was fun to see what was on my Bernina. The stitches were narrow and at first I made straight lines.





A fellow bee member said it looked like I had created my own fabric. I made some more “fabric” and didn’t travel in straight lines. Then I experimented with meandering with the embroidery stitches until I was tired of it.

I played around with my own Crazy blocks and added them to my embroidery blocks which I had cut into 6.5″ squares.


That’s where I am. I feel my Crazy blocks aren’t that crazy and I’m unsure if my “fabric” blocks mesh with the improv blocks.

I looked back at Carolyn’s blocks and there is a sophistication to them, and I see that in my fabric blocks, but not in the Crazy blocks. Lots of texture and tension, for sure. I’m going to take a break from them and see where I want this quilt to go. I looking for a better ending to this chapter.

The Savor Each Stitch Book Bee was an enriching experience. By focusing on Lines, Contrast, Scale, Color, Emphasis, Volume and Texture, I learned to trust my instincts, and I saw my design skills improve. I learned so much about myself, and I really enjoyed the experience with amazing quilters who were generous in their comments. I even got to spend some a few days with one of them last year at this time. Susan — you are the best.

I made a collage of my quilts, minus the Color one, to see if there were any trends. I have not finished quilting the Emphasis quilt (far right top).

Use of solids

Improv with structure

Curves with a nod to tradition

Some risk taking


Top Left: Lines: Date Night; Middle: Contrast: Contrast Material; Right: Emphasis: Mod Drunk; Bottom Left: Scale: Roses and Right: Volume: Solitude!

Blogging U. Day 9: The Buddy System

I FOUND some amazing, awesome, better-than-ice cream buddies through the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop. We’ve island creamerybecome good friends.

We were divided into groups and performed critiques of each other’s blogs, and I feel a kinship to those bloggers: Erin at Twin Mom Quilts, Helen at Midget Gem Quilts and Sarah at Sarah Goer Quilts.

I also became buddies with some other amazing bloggers through the Chicken Run which is hosted by Oh Sew Tempting.  I agreed to make a Chicken Pincushion and give it away on my blog after receiving a pincushion, which I named Lucky Stripper, from Textile Dreamer. And Sarah at Cedar Fork Stitches received LOVE DOVE from me.


One of the winners of the Chicken Run pincushion was Annett of KnettyCraft, and I interact with her more than any other blogger.

I’ve also been interacting with the most generous people through the Savor Each Stitch Book Bee. We are using Carolyn Friedlander’s book as inspiration for designing and making quilts. We take each chapter and design a quilt. So far we’ve done Lines, Contrast and Scale. They have encouraged my risk taking and have given me inspiration to design what I like and not worry if fits into a certain category of quilting. In particular, Susan blogs at We all have to Start Somewhere, and Anna blogs at Mod Quilt Mom.The next chicken pinchusion in the Oh Sew Tempting Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of.

Most recently I’ve been sharing comments and blogging tips with Mary at Zippy Quilts.

Now, back to Blogging University’s assignment for today: find a blogging buddy. Since I have found so many blogging buddies, it is hard to ask one of them to be exclusive. I’m going to continue with my current blogging circle. And if, at some point, I want to find a guest blogger or cooperate on a single project, I can do that then.

I’m happy to hang out with all my new friends. I hope to meet them in person some day.

Sew sew grateful,