Fretting over Shadows

I don’t know when I learned that quilting shadows were bad, but now I fret over them. I worry I’ll miss a shadow sliver and once it’s in the quilting phase I won’t be able to fix it. Quilting Shadows are those annoying slivers of fabric which show through a lighter fabric. They are easy to avoid if you’re pressing to the dark side all the time:

Seams pressed to the darker fabric.

Seams pressed to the darker fabric.

But, make a simple four-block and you can’t press only to the dark side:

four block

And, I like releasing the threads in the middle seam to reduce the bulk in the middle of the four-block. This also confirms you have a perfectly matched seam.

getting rid of the bulk

Now, the seams are pressed toward the white and away from the darker fabric, and, of course, this one has a blue shadow.

What to do?


shadow sliver

trim the shadow

The result is a block with NO DARK SHADOWS:

no more shadows

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Getting out of the shadows,