Sunflower Mini-Quilt Auction for Ukraine

The International Quilt Museum is hosting an auction for Ukraine relief. The money will go to the Rotary Disaster Response Fund. I donated a quilt, Nice to Meet You. It is Number 30. The starting bid is $25.00. Bidding will be open from June 8th at 6:00 a.m. CDT through June 10th at 6:00 p.m. CDT. You will need to sign in to Ready Set Auction or set up an account with them to bid on the quilts. (top right corner of auction page)

There are about 200 quilts in the auction. Quilters made pieces inspired by one of the museum’s sunflower quilts. I selected this Sunflower quilt as part of the museum’s Modern Meets Modern exhibit.

I wanted to experiment with brown as the dominant background color.  Lately I have been making simple log cabins, inspired by the work of Josef Albers, and I was fascinated by how the other colors in the quilt played with the dark brown.  I imagined that the yellow was saying, “Nice to meet you,” to the brown.  I also liked that the “sunflowers” were growing out of the brown dirt.   

I hope you will join the auction and bid on these amazing mini-quilts.

How to Make Perfect Flying Geese or not

Lost in the Elevator

Lost in the Elevator

This quilt took more than a year and a half to make– from design to binding.  I started this quilt to enter the Flying Geese Challenge for last year’s QuiltCon.  (I didn’t make the November 2017 deadline).  I envisioned a quilt with perfectly-made flying geese in sizes from 18″ by 36″ to 1.5″ by 3″.  I used the No-Waste Flying Geese method to make four at a time — you can find the Flying Geese No-Waste tutorial from

After making a few of these, I got frustrated with exactness, and my need to make improv blocks took over.   In the end, this quilt represents my approach to design and quilt.  I like the mix of randomness and exactness.  The excitement of not knowing how the pieces will land makes me happy.  Finding a way to make it work together also gives me joy.  The hand quilting also shows my struggle between these competing ideas.  There is a mix of straight stitching and curved chaos.  The quilt finished at 54″ by 54″.

Since I have made a lot of Flying Geese blocks, I made a perfect points tutorial for the Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild to use for this year’s QuiltCon Charity Challenge.   I’m providing that here– PERFECT POINTS TUTORIAL for flying geese.

Lost in the Elevator Detail View

The Chicken Run: LOVE DOVE is on her way to Montana, USA

The Oh Sew Tempting Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of is off to Montana, USA.

Sarah at Here We Are was the lucky winner, and the chicken pincushion has a new name, LOVE DOVE. Check out her wonderful blog for the next leg of the Chicken Run.

Sarah suggested I de-stuff LOVE DOVE and send her that way. So smart!

Even though LOVE DOVE looked deflated in leaving her birthplace, I know she’ll make new friends out West:


The good thing is I don’t have an empty nest. Lucky Stripper and I are planning our next sightseeing tour. Over Mother’s Day weekend, we visited our daughter in Abingdon where she is interning at The Barter Theatre. Lucky Stripper and LOVE DOVE had a great time. Oh the memories.


Take care, LOVE DOVE,