2015: Shirts, Hexagons and Canoes.

My quilting goal is to finish three quilts in 2015:

I. Pink Shirts Quilt

Pink Shirts

I participated in the “Shirt Swap” hosted by May Chappell blog. I sent 8 shirts and received 8 shirts in return. It was fun to receive quilts made in fabrics I would not have chosen, but they add character to the quilt. I made 8 shirts to go with the ones I received in the swap. I added frames from solid scraps. The pattern is by Carolyn Friedlander.

To do: Quilt and Bind.

II. Hexies Quilt

Yellow Hexies

On the blog, Modern Handcraft I saw a modern quilt using hexagons as appliques and wanted to do something similar.

To do: Finish Hexies, Quilt and Bind.

III. Crossed Canoes Quilt

Cross Canoes

I love Crossed Canoes. I want to make a lap sized quilt. These are paper-pieced and I worked on them throughout 2014. I have a dozen or so to complete and assemble the quilt top.

To do: Piece, Quilt and Bind.

So that’s Shirts, Hexagons and Canoes.