Class Project: Denyse Schmidt

I finished a class project from last summer. I took this class with Denyse Schmidt while at the Slow Stitching Retreat in Washington, Maine.

It is hand applique and is an original design called Laid-back Hawaiian Style Applique by Denyse for the Slow Stitching Retreat. It is now available on her website.

I hung it on the wall in my office beside my Carolyn Friedlander Collections quilt. The fabric is from Stitch in Dye in Austin, Texas. It finished at 22″ by 22″ and it is hand quilted.

Class projects

When I take a class, I feel compelled to make a project I started in that class. Because of that compulsion I am feeling stressed to finish those unfinished class projects.

I finished one of those class projects today! Last year I took a needle-turn applique class, using the Hesperides pattern, with Carolyn Friedlander.

I turned the piece into a pillow cover. The fabric I used for appliqué is from stitch in dye in Austin, Texas. I bought it at their booth at QuiltCon 2018.

I’m happy with the result although I’m a little annoyed with the polyester pillow form because I can’t get the corners to fill. If you have recommendations for dealing with this or a pillow maker, please let me know.


Two Words: Breaking the pieces

I decided on the “dancing candles” design from Day Five of the Two Colors, Two Words Guild Challenge.

Adobe Illustrator allows me to set the ratio between the artboard grid and the actual size of the pattern pieces. That helps me create pieces that I can translate into actual measurements for a quilt. To do that I had to make each background piece. I have three artboards going at the same time– the original design (one on the right), the pieces design (on the left), then the deconstructed design (it’s purposely smaller to give me room to pull them apart). This is what it looks like right now in Illustrator:

There are 41 pieces, and you can see how they would go together. But, I’m just mesmerized by the new design I created by pulling the pieces apart. It looks so much more interesting. My original “dancing candles” looks sad in comparison So I’m going to stew over that idea.