Quilt Gallery

If you click on the photo image or the caption, it will take you to the blog post associated with that quilt. Some of the quilts are my designs, and some are patterns (or inspired by someone else’s pattern).

Thanks for viewing my “Quilt Gallery,”


The Boulevard
Couch to 5K full view
Couch to 5K

Lost in the Elevator
Lost in the Elevator
Cute as a Button Quilt cropped
Cute as a Button
Mod Drunk
City Hall Secrets
How to Play Hopscotch
Turning Trees
Solitude! full view
Star-Crossed Canoes Full View
Star-Crossed Canoes
Random Perfection
Random Perfection
Robot Couture
Robot Couture
Pink Shirts
Date Night
Date Night
Mama Bear
Mama Bear
Vintage Moments quilt
Vintage Moments
Winter quilt
Elm Creek Winter
Sylvia's Bridal Sampler
Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler

7 thoughts on “Quilt Gallery

  1. Kenneth Mason says:

    Can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am by your obvious knowledge of traditional designs, and your ability to knock the walls down with modern and exquisitely executed designs. As a man just entering the crafts word, I sometimes find it difficult to find teachers and mentors. My personal advice is to keep looking. For example, in order to learn quilting, I first have to find a class or teacher that can teach me the basics of how to use my, never out of the box, sewing machine. After going through the instruction book, I can’t even find the correct size of bobbins I need. Thanks for your site, I hope you are still adding to it. Perhaps a subject for ongoing posts could be How I started quilting or How I learned quilting. Perhaps with the focus on non-sewers and men?

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