Day 12/100, Collection

Day Twelve 4-14-18


I’m Spring Cleaning. I’m also Spring Curating. This means I’m touching everything I own and deciding if I should keep, toss, or donate. I have kept a collection of pins I got at a Pilot International convention in 1997. I keep them in this turquoise glass bowl my grandmother gave me.

Now I have pins from QuiltCon 2018 as well as pins from retreats and fabric subscriptions.

I’m interested in what folks do with the pins they collect. Got any advice?


One thought on “Day 12/100, Collection

  1. Anonymous says:

    As quilters, we have an immediate solution for collections of things– the popularity of T-shirt quilts (ugh, I avoided any slight urge, though I am solicited constantly).
    With scads of Girl Scout patches, I don’t mind making a quilt for these–so many great ideas on Pinterest and yay!– Girl Scout fabric!
    With my very special award pins, shadow box maybe?
    Other pins–going keep the quilt pins on my lanyard until it fills up.
    The rest? Still hoarding…

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