The Chicken Run: LOVE DOVE is on her way to Montana, USA

The Oh Sew Tempting Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of is off to Montana, USA.

Sarah at Here We Are was the lucky winner, and the chicken pincushion has a new name, LOVE DOVE. Check out her wonderful blog for the next leg of the Chicken Run.

Sarah suggested I de-stuff LOVE DOVE and send her that way. So smart!

Even though LOVE DOVE looked deflated in leaving her birthplace, I know she’ll make new friends out West:


The good thing is I don’t have an empty nest. Lucky Stripper and I are planning our next sightseeing tour. Over Mother’s Day weekend, we visited our daughter in Abingdon where she is interning at The Barter Theatre. Lucky Stripper and LOVE DOVE had a great time. Oh the memories.


Take care, LOVE DOVE,

4 thoughts on “The Chicken Run: LOVE DOVE is on her way to Montana, USA

  1. SarahZ says:

    Oh Yay! I can’t wait! Thank you so much Wanda! I just love how you travel with chickens 🙂 I will be sure to have a store of grits on hand for LoveDove’s arrival!! 🙂


    • Wanda Dotson says:

      I’ll let Trip Advisor know they need to add: Top Ten Things to Do on Vacation. No. 1: Travel with Chickens . . . It’s on everyone’s bucket list now. LoveDove should arrive tomorrow (fingers crossed).


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