Lucky Stripper is now checking out the sites in Virginia.

Lucky Stripper arrived yesterday via Air Mail from Germany:

IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2747

It was a nine-day trip with some air sickness, but she’s now ready to explore the many tourist sites in Virginia. She first looked on the Virginia is for Lovers website. And this post caught her eye: LOVE WORKS. There’s one in Abingdon, Virginia, and my daughter is in the “V” in this photo, taken last year.


It’s inspiring, and I might want to make a LOVEwork of my own. Go check it out and be inspired too.

After we do some sightseeing around Virginia, I’ll get to making a chicken pinchusion for the next leg of the Oh Sew Tempting Chicken Run Giveaway Sort Of.

I promise not to stay out too long with Lucky Stripper, and soon I’ll get the next chicken on the run.

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